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    6 Takeaways From Affiliate Summit West 2014

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    Let me start off by saying that this was one of the most productive conferences I have been to in a long time. Maybe it was a clear focus or perhaps just the people I ran into, either way it was one that I expect to have a high ROI on. That being said – I have a few takeaways from it that I want to share below:

    1) Regardless of how busy Shawn and Missy and their gang are, they have always taken the time to say hello. They are also a fun batch to party with.

    2) Darrin throws one hell of a party at the Affiliate Ball. Like Shawn and Missy above, will always go out of his way to say hello.

    3) Wiz and the guys from the Millionaire Network had the best booth by far, very classy and exclusive. Wiz is one of the most unassuming guys I have met in a while. Kudos to the whole team.

    4) Pace is on of the most misunderstood guys I have come across. He is actually extremely funny at all the right times. Not sure if that is the alcohol doing its thing – but give him a shout, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    5) Congratulations to all the Top 20 Networks as chosen by mThink. One thing I will say however that few of the top ones have a common characteristic and that is that they are governed by family values and ethics. They all have a front person who does not hide behind a corporate curtain and all extremely approachable. Affiliate Venture Group included. #dontfeartheturban #dontfearthebeard

    6) I can finally say my turban and image have become a undeniable brand. Sure there have been others who have tried – but this guy remains a constant and a recognizable one at that.