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    Penny Stock Picks Guru – Peter Leeds

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    Peter – you obviously got your start in penny stock investing at a very early age, can you talk to me a little about how you got into investing and more importantly penny stocks vs. blue chip?

    I thought I could make lots of money easily with penny stocks, so I invested all my money into one when I was 14 years old.  I lost ALL of it within 2 weeks!  So, I took a step back, read all kinds of books about stocks, and started ‘paper trading’ penny stocks with an imaginary $100,000.  Once I got pretty good at it, I got back into trading penny stocks with real money.

    I’ve always liked penny stocks more than blue chips and large cap companies, because penny stocks move quicker and produce larger gains.

    I love your quote, “A great company is born in dreams, built on aspiration, and balanced upon ethics.” Not too many companies focus on ethics, especially in this industry, can you talk a bit about that and why this is so critical to your success.

    Most players in penny stocks get paid by companies to promote their shares, others tell people to buy the same penny stocks that they are selling at the time.  It is an industry full of dishonest people, who make money by tricking unsuspecting, naive, or trusting investors.

    I decided long ago that I would rather fail doing things ethically than succeed by taking advantage of others.  Turns out that was a great choice, because it is the commitment to ethics that has been the greatest differentiating factor between us and all the others, and our greatest key to success.

    Penny stocks newsletters have always had a stigma associated with them, with the pump and dump and SEC issues – what sets you and your publication apart from all the rest?

    Unlike the vast majority, we do not get paid by the penny stocks we analyze.  We also do not own shares in the penny stocks we review.  We are 100% unbiased, and have zero vested interest.  We just love finding good quality companies, and each successful pick builds …read more