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    Come on man!

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    So I am normally a very patient guy but there are certain things that just get under my skin in our industry, from the sheer stupidity of some affiliate managers, the ignorance of some advertisers and just outright bs and run around from various networks. With that being said, here is my personal 1st edition of “Come On Man” as borrowed by the fine folks at ESPN. I would however like to preface this by saying that I actually like(d) working with both of the companies below and have no ill will towards them but business is business and terms are terms and by golly, I expect everyone that we work with to live up to them.

    Come On Man #1 – Pepper Jam

    Pepper Jam and I go back quite a few years and I absolutely loves the original folks who started the network. However (in my best Steven A. Smith impression) – we have been requesting a refund on a prepay that goes back at least 2-3 months. I realize they are a big organization, I realize they may only cut checks once a week or a month or once a lunar eclipse but this is now beyond ridiculous. I will not go into further details on this but PJ, if you are reading this – I expect you to do the right thing and just get it done.

    Come On Man #2 – Media Stay

    Now here is another fine example of a network to whom we have sent some serious business either directly or indirectly in the past and I would suspect they take care of their publisher. Normally they have but when you start playing the card that “our office is in a transition to make some internal changes to streamline the payment process” and in doing so you are well over a month late – this makes me want to say, “Come On Man”. Here too I will not go into any details but MS – if you are reading this, I expect you to do the right thing and get it done ASAP.

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