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    What Can Brown Do For You: OnlineGURU.com – Raj Lahoti

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    It has been some time now since I did my last piece on what Brown can do for you so I am definitely pleased to bring this next one to you for sure. I first learned of Raj through a good buddy of mine Robin Skrzypek whom I met at Ad Tech a few years ago. Any thing web related – we always tried to model after his claim to fame site DMV.org.

    Fast forward a few years and while waiting for an appointment at one of the restaurants at the Wynn Casino during the Affiliate Summit, I ran in to Raj and had a very pleasant conversation. Wise beyond his years, I wanted to find out a bit more about him so now I bring you – Raj Lahoti.


    1) Hi Raj, tell us briefly about yourself and how you got started in this industry.

    I’m the CEO-Cofounder of OnlineGURU, owner/operator of DMV.org: The DMV Made Simple and I’m also a Co-founder, and Director of AffiliatePrograms.com, empowering websites and entrepreneurs to learn how to earn online.

    I am currently living in Santa Monica, CA, and focused on the creative direction, design and architecture of my web businesses while looking to incubate new sites and businesses with a focus on helping people and creating real value.

    Started in the online space at 14 years old with my interest in designing websites and graphic design.

    The interest in designing websites combined with my two older brothers’ interest in investing in domain names, lead me right into the industry of performance marketing and online media.


    2) Do you think being an Indian in this industry has hindered or helped you achieve the level of success you currently have or anticipated?

    I’m not really reminded of this within my work. Perhaps being born in the United States has allowed me to identify with an American culture.

    But being of Indian descent does have its perks. I can joke around with Indian Programmers and break the ice a little J.


    3) What are the top 3 factors that you feel contribute to your success?

    Honesty and Authenticity –- striving to come as …read more