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    CEO Spotlight: Convert2Media – Ralph Ruckman

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    I am pleased to bring this next interview to you. Of all the people I have interviewed thus far – Ruck has been one of the most unassuming people I have come across. Their booths always have a “rock star” feel to them and if you are a publisher, you get to have a back stage pass, well that or a beer at their open bar. :-)
    I wanted to find out more about him and he was nice enough to do this for me so I bring you – Ralph Ruckman.


    1) Ruck, tell us briefly about yourself and how you got started in this industry.

    Ruck is currently one of the trifecta marketing phenoms behind the Convert2Media Affiliate Network and one of the Managing Partners at Million Mentors (an elite marketing coaching program). I got my start in the industry as a content writer for various companies online before moving into the MySpace marketing craze. I’ve owned my own digital products (one of which was the Top-Selling program on Paydotcom in 2007). I’ve been a forum moderator in various communities online including being a current Moderator at Wickedfire. I started in the Performance Marketing Industry as a Pay Per Click Affiliate and Email Marketer. After a couple of years doing that full-time I met with my two partners Steve and Michael and the Convert2Media Affiliate Network was formed.

    2) When and why did you decide to launch C2M? Was it the inability of other networks to deliver or something else?

    We decided to launch Convert2Media at the start of 2008. For a number of reasons really. My partner Michael had previous experience owning a network and Steve was an Affiliate Marketer along with me whom had been working alongside me for awhile. I can honestly say we launched it at first to be closed off to a select amount of publishers whom we had experiences with online. At the time I owned and wrote the Cashtactics Marketing Blog, owned and managed the Cashtactics Forums and was a Moderator at BlackhatWorld and Wickedfire. So yea, I had a few connections right off the …read more