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    Top 10 Thing I Learned This Week

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    A lot has happened over the last week. I’m blown away when I look back at all that has transpired and yet totally not surprised. Going forward, I will try to do this on a weekly basis – Top 10 Things I Learned This Week.

    To initiate this topic, I’m sharing the top 10 things I learned this last week, Late Show Top 10 style.


    10) 90% of the networks are all noise while the other 10% execute

    9) All this talk about “if you need an offer – we will get it for you is utter bull shit

    8) All this talk about networks claiming “we will beat any payout rate” – also utter bullshit

    7) Cake Marketing is an awesomely run company

    6) You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet – you are going to make mistakes. No one’s perfect.

    5) There are consequences to your actions – so act wisely

    4) Some people can stand to take a lesson in communication

    3) Some people who talk in an open forum about others who owe them money need to just shut up because odds are – they themselves owe people money

    2) Some affiliates who like their ego stroked can well – go stroke themselves

    And the number one thing I learned this week:

    1) The end result is not going to change if you are going to keep on doing the same shit you have been doing all along. Be bold. Take risks. Learn from mistakes. Repeat.