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    Give me back my “bio-DATA” Bitc#%$

    Give me back my "bio-DATA" Bitc#%$

    OK, ladies and gents, if you go to RickyAhuja.com blog you will see something about a weekly rant by yours truly.  Ok so it looks like I missed a week, it happens.   Just like $$#^, rants happen.   So I want to apologize to my 67k fans who were expecting a rant last week, but it is hard to follow up something as brilliant as comparing proxy leads to crack.   I set the bar really high, so here goes this weeks’ rant….   I apologize in advance if it sucks.

    Once upon a time there was a tracking platform called RoadSmack.   It was a very good tracking platform, provided most of the tools for most networks to be successful.   There were quite a few platforms out there that had a few other bells and whistles that RoadSmack didn’t have, but it was still considered a respectable platform.    So the question is if you see something out there that isn’t necessarily better, but that better meets the needs of your company and its initiatives, what the fire truck do you do?  Here is the $67k question, do you have the right to switch tracking platforms and take/transfer the data you have generated through the previous platform?  This isn’t a trick question, nor is it a question based upon any agreements/terms conditionsetc.   This is purely a question about principles and the service that one is paying for.

    First, you aren’t an employee of RoadSmack, but rather a client of them.  You are paying them to use their tracking technology.   They aren’t generating the data, you the client are as you wheel and deal, structure campaigns, slut sling etc.   Second, you are paying an ass load of money to use it.  It’s like renting car; you can drive it where you want to, except the platform is branded around you.   Oh yes you and pay for it monthly; did I mention that?    So when it comes to somebody saying data can’t be transferred and 3rd parties can’t be used, it …read more