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    Women of Affiliate Marketing: Divya Patel – Unbent Marketing

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    Divya’s taken a full turn in her career since college. Having obtained a degree in BioChemistry, she’s taken a turn to business. In the beginning it was an adventure, working as a consultant in companies where she was able to gain all sorts of experience. Going through the ‘dot com’ era, struggling through the ‘bomb’ she regained herself and put herself back in the market. What she discovered, is now booming industry. She landed in an online marketing company and started her never ending learning process, and it still hasn’t stopped, and it never will. 

    Passion drives her, the abundant amount of knowledge, the challenges, and seeing the results. 

    Divya’s also one of the founding members of Glam Interactive Group. A company which has recently had to revamp its brand, and is getting a facelift as we speak. Glam Interactive is built to be a networking forum for women in the online marketing space, consider it a LinkedIn + MySpace. Recently we have seen more women entering the affiliate space, but not many are finding the confidence to stand up in the male dominated industry. The goal is to help these women network, and eventually build their confidence to go head to head with the men in the industry. This confidence builds over time, and eventually starts to come out naturally. The network started in 2007 with 12 members and now has reached close to 1000 members. 

    When she’s not negotiating and crunching numbers, she’s counting out reps for ab crunches in the fitness studio. She’s a fitness instructor for Mona Khan Dance Company, banging out Bollywood filled aerobic routines. 

    Whether as a marketing professional or an instructor, Divya’s always looking to make a difference. Whether it be just a chat, or an intense cardio workout, the end result should be beneficial. This is her story:

    1) Divya,  if you would be so kind, please tell us about yourself and what you are currently doing.

    Currently, I am working for Unbent Media, an newly developed affiliate network. I am THE Marketing Manager for the company, bringing on new advertisers and affiliates, along with representing our Agency of …read more