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  • Affiliate Marketing and WordPress

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    It’s always great when things come together.  This is true especially when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.  Wordpress is a dream come true for millions of bloggers around the world because of its simplicity and at the same time it comes without any compromise on quality.  This is why WordPress is the most popular among bloggers.  And when you can make money out of it with very little effort, then why not go for it.

    To start off with Affiliate Marketing on a WordPress blog, first of all you need a domain and a host.  Do some homework about which domain registrar and the host provider is among the cheapest and also reliable and register your domain and get a host for it as well.  The most important factor that you need to decide on before even all this is your niche.  Be wise and honest about what you choose.  Make sure you are comfortable and also interested with the particular niche yourself, rather than choosing something which you are unfamiliar with and just for the sake of its popularity.  Once, the niche is decided, choose a domain name for your website.  Make sure your domain name is something related to your niche.  Just keep in mind that your domain name can be something a bit more generic than your niche.  This will eventually be helpful when you are planning to expand your niche with more variety.  And when choosing the host for your website, make sure their server supports WordPress and the SQL databases WordPress needs.

    Once all this is done, the next thing you need to worry about is the content.  Once you get them, the rest will be taken care by WordPress.  It is such a pleasure managing a WordPress blog.  There are hundreds of plugins out there available for free download which are very helpful for various things, like for example there is plugin for commenting via facebook.  This enables …read more