Top 10 Reasons of why me vs. the next person over, drum roll please:

10) I am a very effective communicator, Verbal and Written. Pleasant and Professional. Ability to diffuse conflict.

9) Extensive industry experience (If I tell you, I’d have to bill you). See what I did there? ;-)

8) Knowledge of Social Media, SEO, PPC, SEM, ETC.

7) Ability to Multi-Task. I can totally run an analytics report with one hand and finish off a 24 oz. steak with the other.

6) I destroy Mediocrity. You dream it, I white board it.

5) I purposely omitted number #8

4) I made you look didn’t I?

3) Made you smile didn’t I? Did I mention I have a crazy sense of humor?

2) I am completely transparent. Have a question? Ask me. Want to know what I am doing with your project? Ask me. Do I think your tie matches your shirt? Don’t ask that one.

1) My desire to always go above and beyond to accommodate your needs.

So – Hire Me, Do It Now!

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