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“Ricky Ahuja is one of the greatest influencers in the performance marketing space today and not only that, he is one of the greatest souls I have ever known. If you have a chance to work with him, do not hesitate!”
Steve Lowry, CEO Nutryst
“Ricky is a Pioneer. His knowledge in the industry should be attached by a price tag but often comes with a smile and a handshake. I consider him to be a close friend and mentor if needed. Ricky will go above and beyond to see his reps or piers are happy and successful in whatever they are trying to accomplish.”
Rodney Granderson, Granderson Avenue
“It is pleasant to work with Ricky, he is reliable and intelligent person with great sense of business in multiple markets. If you are looking for greatest talent in developing your company innovations for new products, reach out to Ricky. You will be rewarded and enriched with his resourceful and creative approach to out-most challenging projects and easy to execute solutions with great returns on your investments and highest ROI’s.”
“I’ve worked with Ricky for years now and time and time again he’s proven himself as an industry leader. I try to surround myself with people such a Ricky – people who have not only characterized virtue and integrity – but have displayed it in their actions. Ricky doesn’t wait for things to happen in this business. Instead, he goes out and makes the changes himself. He’s an achiever. In an industry with a dark history, Ricky is a shining light that foreshadows a prosperous and honorable future.”
“Ricky ahuja is a man who shows resilience, courage, and kindness every day. He never backs down from a challenge and stays humble no matter what. I know this because he’s my dad.”
Tarina Ahuja, Daughter Extraordinaire